New Zealand Update – Landed in Los Angeles LAX

I’m glad to report that we are now proud owners of a carry on bag. It has been a life saver. So glad we have it. Randy and I spent lunch together in the Houston airport packing our new carry on. We were beaming with hope and joy. Now we are official world travelers.

We arrived in Los Angeles and this airport is awesome! And the people watching has been fantastic. I love diversity. It is such an amazing thing and speaks to such a creative God. Being in Atlanta, Houston and Los Angeles and watching people make business deals on their phones while eating lunch and catching their flight is pretty crazy. I’m still in “stay-at-home-mom, pastor’s wife, small town girl” mode so all this has me feeling like I live under a rock. But I’m fascinated by it and I love it.

Our flight to Los Angeles LAX was a good one: movies, reading, studying. Now we’re killing time in the airport until 9pm tonight when we fly to Aukland.

We are sold out for New Zealand these next few weeks but our hearts are still very much with our church back home. VBS is going on this week in the evenings and we are praying for kids to come to know Jesus. Also we have a mission team going to Jacksonville, Fla after that so we have a lot going on that’s close to our heart.

Meanwhile our kids are hanging out and having a blast with Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles. ┬áIt only took 24 hours and my Mom had those kids with her in the world’s largest Ferris Wheel downtown Atlanta. And when it got to the top she remembered she was afraid of heights. Mom.

I’m not sure what internet access will be like once we get to New Zealand. We are supposed to arrive there on Friday morning at 9:00am I think. If all goes as planned. Thank you for praying for us. It’s a gift we appreciate more than you know.









  1. So thankful you have a carry on bag now. Isn’t people watching in airports the best? I hope to hear more about your trip.