Bawling or Shouting for joy – this one thing will make a difference this school year.

It’s the first week of school here – probably where you are too. Or maybe it was last week. If you sent a preschooler off to school or a K5’er then maybe you shed quite a few tears. Who knows you could have a high schooler and still be struggling on the first day. I received a SOS text from a Mom friend  sending her youngest off to Kindergarten this week.

She gave me permission to share this with you since we’re all in the same Motherhood boat and we need each other. Really we do.

“Pleeeaaasse pray! I’m already feeling my emotions getting the best of me heading to kindergarten orientation this morning.  I need God’s help to get control of my tears. My Grandaddy called just when I needed him & prayed with me. I need my heart overflowed with joy. The devotion on Proverbs 31 hit me this morning. Then my next devotion I opened was about being a mother. Whhheeewww.
I’ve been with the boys as a stay at home Mom 1,634 days/4 year, 5 months, 23 days/233 weeks & 3 days/39,216 hours. Have I spent that time wisely & for God’s glory?

I’m trying to keep this big heart full of laughter & joy instead of tears. I had the thought of the very 1st time I ever saw you, Melody!! Randy asked if the kids were excited about coming back to school at Cody’s orientation. There was a hush among the crowd. Then he asked if the parents were excited about the kids coming back to school & YOU STOOD UP IN THE CHURCH PEW HOLLERING YEAAA! I still get a chuckle out of that knowing you like I do now. I thought is she crazy, who is that woman, I can’t stop the tears & she’s standing up in the church pew!?!? Randy put his head down & whispered “that’s my wife.”

Okay first of all I did not remember doing that but I did do that. I must have buried it deep deep deep within hoping nobody else would remember it either. So what was I thinking? Well, I’m not exactly sure. But I can tell you how I responded to my friend struggling to keep her tears in.

“Gotcha covered in prayer seeet friend. What you don’t know is that when I was rocking Mitchell to sleep when he was 5 months old I called Randy in tears and said, “the time is going by so fast. he’s going to be in K5 before we know it.” Randy on the phone said “you’re about to cry aren’t you?” And he’s made fun of me ever since. Lol. It’s ok to be sad that you’re passing the morning baton of teaching to another godly woman/educator. Don’t feel like you have to hold back tears. But I will pray with you for joy to accompany your sadness and maybe together they will produce less tears. Praying for you right now.”

Tears are okay. Joy is okay. Sometimes they come in different doses and at different times. Whether you are a Mom who is standing on the pew yelling “YEAH” or bawling your eyes out I can you that one thing will make the difference in your child’s school year. And it’s prayer.

Pray for your child. Ask God to show you a verse of scripture that you can pray over your child and maybe a theme or word to cover them over the school year. Last year it was “Endurance” for Mitchell and his verse was  Col. 1:10-12.  

I knew he’s be running Cross Country and it would take endurance for him to stick with it and keep grades up. Our God is so good friends and he hears our prayer for our kids. Mitchell stuck with XC and is going back for a second year of it.

I choose a verse for Sophie in regards to her independence and ability to function quite well within her own abilities. My desire is that she lean on God and know her help comes from him.

So Proverbs 3:5-6 is what I prayed for her all last year.

This week I’ll pray and ask God to reveal to me scripture I can pray for my kids this school year. He will show me. And he’ll show you if you desire it.

I also love the prayer coverage my kids receive from Mom’s In Prayer. This is a prayer group I’ve been a part of since our son started preschool. What I love about this one hour time of prayer is that it’s focused and we pray a different scripture over our kids every week. Also we pray specific requests for our kids. I love having other Moms pray for my kids because they pray things I haven’t thought about praying for. It’s the perfect example of the body of christ coming together and working in unison. Prayer does this in a powerful way. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Pray for your child’s teacher/s. In our Mom’s in Prayer time we pray for the teachers as well and we pray scripture over them also. If they give us specific requests we are faithful to pray for them that day. It makes a difference friends. Of course you don’t have to be in MIP to pray for your kids or teachers. This is just a platform. You’ll find great resources on how to pray for your child and your child’s teacher on the MIP website.

And if you happen to be local know that we have two groups meeting in our area right now. Both meet on Friday mornings. Any Aunt, Mom, Grandmother is welcome to come. Email me for more details.

Happy first week of school friends!!