Stooping low in study techniques

Studying doesn’t come super easy for two of our four family members so I’m very involved in helping with study aids for heavier subjects that include a lot of information. It’s such a balance in trying to help and give direction but not be a crutch. So I’m always looking for fun and creative ways to study material with one of my kids. I thought I’d share a few of them here and ask what you have found helpful.

The newest method I’ve found is an app that has helped in memorizing minutia detailed facts that all run together after the 120th term ending in ology. It’s called smule (auto rap). I have the free version so you are limited on the songs you choose but it’s seriously so much fun and hilarious. When Mitchell is on memorization overload we resort to the rap app. Disclaimer: some of the songs look like they may be trashy from thumbnail pics so don’t pick those. Duh. But “turkey burgers” is awesome and fun. I have no clue if that song is bad in real life or if it’s even a song in real life. It has a great beat and makes getting down those last facts easier that just don’t seem to cram into either side of the brain hemisphere. You just pick your song and record what you want to say and then it turns it into a rap for you in like 1 second. Totally awesome. We have never forgotten what dehydration synthesis and amino acids are thanks to Smule. It’s not always pretty but the information gets stuck in the brain forever and ever. We still go around rapping one of the biochemistry terms of late.

Flip Quiz – I thankful for the teacher who introduced me to flip quiz a few years ago. It’s a fabulous help with studying lots of information. Some teachers make their own flip quizzes which is way cool but you can create your own flip quiz as well.

Old Fashion Flash Cards – yep, old school index cards with term and definition on opposite sides. Adding illustrations are the best because you just can’t get some visuals out of your head no matter how hard you try. Here’s a few of our sassy ones.

Sophie jumped on the bandwagon and helped with an illustration of what she thought cellular respiration would look like. Oh dear. Um yeah. Not sure exactly about all that.

Yeah, so with exams around the corner you can count on Turkey Burgers at our house – but not in the form of healthy eating.

Do you have any tried and true study methods? Would love to hear them! 







  1. Beth Hess says:

    My daughter uses quizlet and likes it a lot.

    • Oh man I forgot about quizlet – we use that sometimes as well. It’s been a while thought. Thanks for bringing that up!