About Melody


Hi! My name is Melody and I’m a playful soul who loves to laugh  – perhaps a little too much and at the wrong times.

Pink tulips, peonies and hydrangeas make me squeal with delight. Snappy red shoes and polka dots make me smile and nothing warms my heart more than my family.

In this space I write about life and God. Life when it’s really really hard and life when it’s really sweet. And how God never changes through it all.

And for some really weird random truthfulness…….

  •  When I was 9 years old I would  put on a leotard & leg warmers and dance to Sandi Patti tapes for old people in a nursing home. How weird is that? Leaping over wheelchairs.
  • I once convinced an entire cruise ship that I was British after talking with an English accent all week . My Mother made me tell everyone on the last day that it was fake.
  • I always wanted a tattoo and finally got one for my birthday last year. When my Mom saw it she licked her thumb in complete denial and tried to rub it off in hopes that it was fake. Really she did. And yes, my husband knew about the tattoo and totally approved.
  •  I am all about a great prank and my dream is to do a church version of candid camera. Like tell people when they sign up for a small group that it’s a nudist colony version or something really whacked like that.

Well, I’m glad we got all that out in the open because if you can still read me after that then I’m pretty sure we’ll get along just fine.