Our Family

This is our family when posed for a nice little churchy picture….

Mitchell's Baptism 021

And these are our children when nobody’s watching….

Mitchell's Baptism 023

It’s one of the greatest temptations of a pastor’s kid – playing in the baptismal.

Okay, it’s tempting for the pastor too. But I would never tell you this certain pastor once went swimming in the baptismal pool. If I did tell you I would be sure to say that he was a kid because he was. Err uh, I mean if¬†I were to tell you that.

Randy is my man of 20 years and before that he was my high school & college sweetheart. We still kinda like each other a whole lot. Randy is intelligent, warm hearted, easy to talk to, passionate about preaching the amazing news of the Gospel and really good at it too. You can be “passionate” but really stink. Not true of him. He is a committed family man and a caring pastor.


Our first born Mitchell is a gentle, old soul as we call him. He loves all things vintage and wants to drive a 1970’s orange hug bug when he grows up. He loves nature and feels most at home curled up in a tree by a creek.

The baby of the family is Sophie – better known as Sophilicious, Sassy Britches or ¬†SophieLiz.get.here.right.now when she’s dished out a little too much sass-a-frass. Sophie is quick witted, hilarious and fiercely independent. She is compassionate and discerning of needs around her. And the girl loves to change her clothes about every 22 minutes.

Being in a pastor’s home is both awesome and hard. Walking alongside people while training in the Truth = awesome. Pressures of people’s problems on top of your own imperfections = hard. How do we handle this? We run away to a hotel about every six months as a family and we have a Famcation. Just one night away in a city 30 minutes from our own is a wonderful thing. We drown the pressures in the hot tub & swimming pool and then we’re ready to get back home. We are a family that feels blessed to be in the church God has called us to. Our children are prayed for and cared by our congregation and so are we. And that’s a privilege. Our prayer for our family is that God is real to us – not because we are “the pastor’s family” but because we are individually changed by the work of the Spirit of God.

Here’s me. You can see why I saved it for last. Ha! Kidding.

Photo on 6-23-15 at 5.29 PM

Okay, here’s a serious one.