Bible Journaling Workshop

So the last few weeks I’ve been preparing for a large Bible Journaling Workshop at our church. The process took over our dining room but how fun it was!

image image imageimage

There was a sweet Spirit among the group and ladies left feeling like they too could linger longer in God’s word through journaling. Therefore I feel it was highly effective and I know it was FUN!

Two ladies in particular have inspired me in Bible Journaling and I shared their stories with the ladies on Saturday. Lisa Ritter’s daughter Emma has Cystic Fibrosis and Bible Journaling has been a huge source of comfort to her during their hospital stays. Lisa’s faith is astounding. Find her on Facebook and Periscope because you will LOVE her. I’ve been praying for Emma and had to share a tiny bit of her story with the ladies.


Erika Kosterlitzky is actually the first person that introduced me to Bible Journaling about 7 months ago. Her sweet little Libby went home to be with Jesus in a drowning accident and this woman’s faith will also encourage you and bless you. Their story was shared as well on Saturday. You can also find Erika at her blog Life After Libby

And then we sat around these cute round tables and watched live tutorials, talked about what Bible Journaling can look like and how really the point is just to spend time reading and responding to God’s word.

image image image image

One of our planning team members made these art pieces for everyone. She made four originals and we made color copies and laminated them for everyone. Such a gift! She is so talented.

image image image image

Work stations allowed us to try our hand at some of the new art techniques we learned thanks to Heather, Suzanne and Allison – the tutorial chicks. They were so awesome! They used a ladybug camera to do live tutorials. Stamping, lettering and prepping/painting a page.

image image image image image image image image image

The tutorial trio – love them!

image image image

Several Mother daughter duo’s came and I loved that so much.

image image

A friend of mine working on her first page. Her boyfriend gave her a journaling Bible for Valentine’s Day and she was waiting until the workshop to learn a few basics. Her page turned out so neat.

image image

Sophie attended the workshop with a few friends so that was fun for her.


The planning team in all our maturity and godliness.

My man opened up our time and I was so glad he did. I asked him to share with us a few words because I wanted the Spiritual leadership of our church to speak and pray over our group. He reminded us that being women of the word can change everything. Spending time in Gods word is important and being creative in the margins of our Bibles can be a neat tool when our heart and desire is to respond to God.

It took many hands to make this day so productive and special and I just thank God I got to be a part of it.


Bible Journaling – where we are with it.

I shared a few weeks ago that I was just starting to get into Bible Journaling – where you create in the margins of your Bible based on what you have read and the direction the Holy Spirit leads you. Sophie has now caught the vision for it as well and together we have prayed, read and created. How I love this time with her.

IMG_1264IMG_1263 IMG_1262

Supplies are simple: A journaling Bible, colored pencils (any kind will do), a good black micron pen, some paints if you dare and maybe some cute washi tape.

IMG_1261 IMG_1260 IMG_1259

I love this practice of creating in my Bible. I see it as a response to God’s word but sometimes I get caught up in being afraid I will “mess up”. I have to guard myself against getting caught up in comparison or the beauty or lack of beauty in the art. It’s not about me. It’s about God and what He has to say about himself in his word. My response is worship. And worship in the margins is a new practice for me. I am loving it. It’s helping Gods word marinate a bit longer in my soul and mind.


Bible Journaling – Part 2 – getting started

Bible Journaling

At first I wasn’t sure what I thought about drawing in the margins of my Bible. I had no problem writing in my Bible because I’ve done that for decades. I have prayers, dates and comments written the margins of my Bible as I interact with God’s words. But to paint and draw? Now that was quite different. Yet I loved the idea.

I thought. I prayed. I researched and I talked to my husband about it. And then I knew this was for me.

Here’s how I started.

  1. I ordered a hardback black ESV journaling Bible. A journaling Bible will have a 1-2″ margin on the sides. You can get single or double column.  I wanted single column with a 2″ margin. I paid $20. 00 for my Bible through Christian Book Distributors on sale before Christmas. (FYI: Lifeway Christian Book Store will price match. Pull up CBD on phone and show them an ISB # with price. Awesome!)
  2. Then I stared at my new Bible for a few weeks not wanting to leave my old Bible. Also afraid to draw or paint in my new Bible.
  3. Then I searched online and found some helpful websites to get me started.
  4. Then I ordered these supplies from Amazon.

IMG_1150 IMG_1149 IMG_1148

5. And then stared some more at my Bible.

6. Finally I decided to just get started.

This was my first attempt:


Impressive, huh? At least I picked the “measures and units” page of the Bible. Very last page of the index. Yeah, so I figured out what NOT to do with the stamps. I was using the entire stamp pad upside down without using the intended tool designed to go with it. Did I mention I’m so not an artist?

Once I figured out that I needed to order a few more supplies to make some of my initial supplies work I was set but I really messed that first page up. You know what though – I’m okay with it somehow. I’m learning as I go.

For me, remembering the purpose of Bible Journaling Art will be important. My purpose is to help God’s words get inside me and stay there. It’s not a creative and therapeutic outlet of  “decorating” the scriptures and using my Bible as an art medium. I’m uncomfortable with that although I do find some truth in it. ?? And I don’t know what to do with that. My prayer is that this process will take the words of God and flesh them out inside my heart, soul and mind so that I can live them out in my daily life. If drawing pictures in the margins help me do that then bring it on Mrs. Picasso!

I looked at these sites for a few weeks before ordering anything.

Bible Art Journaling

Illustrated Faith

Living an ART filled life

And my new blogging friend Erika also suggested the following supplies as a cheap start up.

Colored pencils ($7/30 Twistables at Wal-Mart), chalks ($5/36@michaels), watercolor gel crayons/gelatos (8/$4, target brand) and so on. Tip-ins will also be your good friends. This just refers to anything you tape into your bible. Washi tapes make these extra fun. You can order them dirt cheap from China on eBay. Dollar tree often caries them too. I rarely pay more than $1/roll.

So clearly I’m not an expert on this stuff. I’m just sharing with you early in my learning process so you can come along if you’d like.



What is Bible Journaling?

Bible Journaling

I have found a new creative tool to help me consume God’s word in a way I remember longer. Bible journaling and art in the margins is where you draw, doodle, write in the margin of your Bible for the purpose of getting God’s word into your heart.

I first discovered Bible journaling from a sweet sister in Christ, Erika, who lost her daughter last year to a drowning accident at just two years old. I was randomly reading Erika’s story via her blog and was bawling at what they were going through. And then I saw something incredible. She turned to the scriptures and poured out her heart to God in the margins as she processed her grief through the grid of God’s word. You literally saw her heart in the margins of her Bible. I was intrigued. Moved to pray for her and have been since reading her story. But I’ve also gained a new practice of Bible journaling for myself. And I love it.

This week I’ll be sharing with you all that I’ve learned so far about Bible Journaling – which isn’t a whole lot since I’m only about two months into this newfound meditation practice.

Okay, the conservative colors are about to come out of me for a second. When I say “meditation practice” I get all weirded out because I’m afraid someone might think I’m wearing yoga pants with outstretched arms humming crosseyed and getting in touch with my inner self. This is not what I mean. What I mean is Psalm 1:2 -But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night. And now let’s add color to that.

Like this:


And this is Bible journaling in it’s most simple form.

There are layers and layers of Bible Journaling and I will be sharing websites and supplies in the posts to come.

You guys……this is so awesome! You don’t have to be an artist to do this. Look at my picture above. to do this. Ha! Ha! Seriously, I’m not an artist yet I love love love it.

Can’t wait to tell you more later.

Oh, I’m curious…..have you heard of Bible journaling before? How do you feel about writing and drawing in your Bible? I respect all sides of this and understand not everyone is okay with writing in the Bible. I’ll talk more about that as well since I had to process this through myself.