Random church people questions

When one person asks a question usually others are thinking it but just haven’t said it. Here’s a few questions we got over the last few weeks. All from church peoples. I love it when people ask what others are wondering.

Why don’t you ever sit on the front row at church? 

Because I like to sit with other people since Randy is up on stage 90% of the time. I move around and sit in different places. Dude, ever heard of a back row Baptist?  (No, I didn’t say that last sentence. Ha! And I don’t sit on the back row. I tried that once and it didn’t go so well. I was so distracted it wasn’t even funny.)

What if a gay couple wanted to come to our church?

We would welcome them like anyone else. If they wanted to become members and serve in leadership that’s a different situation. The prayer and goal would be for them to hear Biblical truth on Christ-centered relationships through preaching, teaching and grace filled conversations.

How do ya’ll make time for each other and your family with all that Randy has on his plate with the church and school?

We schedule date nights. We don’t always make it happen as much as we should or want to. We also work hard at sitting down for dinner together every night (except Wednesdays) even if there is a meeting one of us has to attend after dinner. We also don’t attend every single meeting and gathering at our church and school. People may not always be pleased with that but we’re not about pleasing people. Randy read a book by Andy Stanley years ago that he tells many people in ministry about. It’s called Choosing to Cheat. This book shaped him early in ministry and has saved our family from falling into the pit of all consuming ministry to the neglect of the family. I thank God for his commitment to God, our family and the ministry God has called us to. Sometimes that means family plans are rearranged. It happens. You’re driving on the way somewhere and you get a phone call that turns you around in the other direction. Your plans are changed instantly. Occasionally on Holidays or vacations. And that’s part of ministry. But we can’t always do that and be at everything. It takes great discernment and a lack of fear of what people think to walk the delicate line of walking in step with the Spirit. We are blessed to be in a church that supports, encourages and provides for us to care for our family. We don’t take it lightly.