Table Mentoring – a must read book!

Sue Donaldson, author of Table Mentoring, is the kind of woman that I’d venture to say many younger women call a “second Mom”. She’s the kind of woman you see Jesus in and the kind of woman you can call on at the last second….like when you think your chicken dish isn’t going to turn out in time for company.  (Don’t ask me how I know that). She’ll pull you out of a culinary bind from thousands of miles away and put your heart at ease. Sue’s passion is mentoring but she makes a strong case that mentoring should be a part of every believer’s life. And I can’t help but agree with her when I read scripture. This little treasure of a book opens my eyes even more to this fact.

“Do you need a table to Table Mentor? No. But a table imbues intimacy – an elbow-touching-grab-a-hand-in-prayer type of closeness. Table, bench, back steps, dorm hallway, coffee house – choose whichever promotes the progress of a hearty sharing. The place or porch doesn’t matter. Taking the time to listen does. Tell a story, gently nudge, cry some. laugh a lot, and give all to the Mighty Counselor before an after and maybe in the middle. Coming together until the misery is out of the commiserate, as you both sit at Jesus’ feet.” 

Sue goes on to say that in order to mentor we don’t have to have a Bible degree under our belt or a table or tons of time.

So what does one need in mentoring?

“You need an ongoing relationship with the Ultimate Mentor, and a bold desire to get close to someone who needs to hear what you’ve learned” 

I love how Sue points out that really anyone at any age can mentor because we all know someone older than us and someone younger than us. Finding the person to mentor is not the issue because God will lead us to that person. Sue also talks about this more in her book – how to approach finding and being a mentor. What to do once you start mentoring someone. There are wonderful resources in her book and on her website that help you get started. And her recipes are to die for. Sophie and I have already tried a few out and if I can do them then we all know you can do them!

Sue also has a book and a Bible Study out all centered on hospitality and mentoring. I only wish CA was a little closer to NC or she’d be speaking to our ladies at church in a  New York minute!

I hope you’ll check out Table Mentoring on amazon! It’s a quick easy read. For a deeper approach to the topic you’ll want to check out her book Come to My Table: God’s Hospitality & Yours.

So what about you?

Do you have a mentor in your life right now?

If so – what do you find most helpful in this relationship? What works for you and your mentor in terms of meeting and getting together?

Are you mentoring someone in your life right now? 

If so – what are you seeing God do in this relationship? What’s working well?



When manly doesn’t feel manly

I love it when other people come alongside our kids and speak truth into them. Sometimes it takes hearing things from someone else for it to take deeper root. This week Mitchell was fortunate enough to have a mentor of his pour a small but powerful nugget of truth into his life.

When Mitchell was asked by his little sister and her friend to cover their lemonade stand on our busy road he was reluctant. You know…..15 year old man-child boy sitting behind a lemonade stand just didn’t feel cool. But he did it anyways with some arm twisting from a certain somebody I know – okay, it was me threatening to duct tape him to a tree.

When we got back from buying the supplies Mitchell bolted inside as if taking cover from a zombie apocolypse and in the most dramatic way said, “Mom, Of ALL people to drive by and see me…..Mr. Jackson drove by and saw me there. Mr. Jackson! He waved to me. NOT cool, Mom!”

Let me explain why this was a big deal to him. Roger Jackson is a man in our church who taught Mitchell to shoot, takes him to gun shows and lets him down in the man-cave to see how bullets are made. Think Duck Dynasty sitting on the 7th row of your pew at church. This is who caught Mitchell selling lemonade at the end of his driveway.


I could kind of see his point. I halfway apologized for making him to do it and went on with helping the kids with the lemonade stand.

About an hour later I get this text from Roger:


I read it aloud to Mitchell in front of his little sister and her friend and the look on Mitchell’s face…. pure vindication!

And this Mama’s heart? So blessed and encouraged.

Blessed that a man in our church would take the time through a passing voice text to instill a powerful teachable moment to a young man who looks up to him more than he even knows.

And this is what the Body of Christ does – she speaks truth into each other’s lives. It’s the men in our churches training not only their sons but mentoring and speaking powerful words of life into their friends sons as well. It’s the women in the church coming alongside and loving, praying and speaking truth into the lives of other women and children. It’s how God designed the church.