Bee Your Selfie – Girls Back2School Party

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Our school puts on a Back2School Party for the 4-6th grade girls and boys at the beginning of each school year. This year our theme for the girls was a bumble bee theme and centered around the thought you should “Bee Your Selfie” but not be consumed with your selfie.

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The food and games were fun. We did another digital scavenger hunt where the girls had to go around town getting pictures of their group doing crazy things. The ultimate was when their computer teacher dressed up as a bumble bee and was standing by the honey at our local grocery store waiting for the girls to find this year’s “Mystery Person”. When they found her they had to sing “I’m bringing home my baby bumble bee….” which we had to teach most all of them because nobody knew it. Shut up about how old that makes me.

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Tshirt idea came from a brain storming session with “The Moms”. My creative hubs designed it and once again got some great response from the girls as they really seemed to like them.

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One of “The Moms” spoke to the girls about the importance of knowing who they are in Christ and gaining confidence from Him and not from surface things like the amount of “likes” or comments on Instagram. The girls had some good conversation and were able to share their thoughts on this topic. We went to the scriptures to see what God had to say about these things.

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Do you see that adorable custom made necklace that says “bee your selfie”? A friend of mine hand made 28 of these for our group. As in she stamped out each letter and put the necklace together and then polished them and bagged them up for us. The girls loved them. Could it be any cuter? Should you want to see more of her work go check her out on Facebook at Alodie Blossom Designs. Maria has awesome jewelry with a unique flare. I love her work.

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It was decorating for this party. Thanks to the other Moms we had some cuteness stuff like jars with special labels and polka dot garland and fun headbands. A great team to work with  for sure.

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So the grocery store knew we were coming but had no clue what they had really signed up for when four groups of excited little bumble bee’s came busting through the doors. And then there was Mrs. Brower in her bee costume pretending to be very protective of the honey aisle and threatening to sting anyone who got near it. Ha! She really got into it and the girls loved it.


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I look forward to throwing this party every year. I’m already thinking about next year’s! You know it’s bad when you look for reasons to throw a party. I’m like, “Oh, you got a detention? Well then we should throw a ‘don’t you dare get another one’ party and decorate in all black and not have any fun and memorize Bible verses about having self control. Ha! Kidding. We don’t throw parties for detentions around here.

Have a great weekend friends and don’t forget to just bee yourselfie!

Three days I’ll never forget

So I signed myself up for three days of “day camp” for Sophie and her friends while her big brother was at overnight camp. And truly these are three days I’ll never forget because we really had so much fun. It was a lot of work but I loved every second of it. Every morning we started out with a craft in the “Art room” (dining room). These were crafts I ordered online and found on Pinterest. Painting was the favorite. I loved these Trees of Life that I found on youtube made with water bottle caps.


Once we finished our art project for the day we played outside with sidewalk chalk. Grab clothes out of the “too small” container and put them outside to make people out of. The girls loved this.


Then we came back inside for snack and a table etiquette lesson. We started very basic and just learned how to set a table properly; how to make it pretty with flowers and linens and why we do this. Not to impress others but to serve and honor them by doing the best we can to bring God glory. The girls took turns stripping the table and then setting it all by themselves and the other girls would check to see if they needed to change anything. They all went home with a print out of how to set a table properly.


We also did a random act of kindness each day. We went to the ice cream store and gave notes with $5 in it to pay for someone’s ice cream. And then went to visit some elderly friends at the nursing home and gave out cards. My personal favorite was passing out popsicles at the park. We had 40 popsicles and happened upon a group of 37 kids from the rec. department. The girls handed out the popsicles and the director and all the kids were so appreciative and moved by their act of kindness. She told the girls at the end of it all, “I want you to know that you have given us the desire to do the same thing ya’ll did. And our group will do this as well. Thank you.” I told the girls God used their little day camp of 4 to impact a much larger group and to never think they are too young to spread the love of Jesus. I loved how God opened up that opportunity and showed these girls that His love spreads! So awesome.


My all time favorite part of our three days happened today when went flower picking. We stopped at the park and picked some roses. Public property!


Okay, so the next picture is not so much public property but nobody lives there and we needed beautiful fresh flowers for the table for the special lunch we were about to put on for all the Moms…. so we picked them. Well, they picked them. I drove the get-away van. There was one yard where we knocked and knocked on the door to ask if we could pick the pink hydrangea that was dragging the ground. The one in about 50 that were in the yard. But nobody came to the door and so I snagged it on the way out and hoped like crazy I hadn’t just undone everything I had taught these girls the last three days. Yikes. Randy’s gonna kill me if he reads this. It was just one and we tried to ask and I feel sure they would’ve said yes???? I know! It was just plain bad to do that with four little girls in tow. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

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We concluded our day camp by hosting a special lunch for the Moms. The girls set the table all by themselves and served the food and took drink orders. We were so proud of them.

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When Pinterest fails you and posers crash your nativity scene.

I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. It’s because of pictures like these. It looks so simple. Like all you do is go out in your front yard and pluck a few magnolia branches and then dig out your first grader’s red paint and whalah you have festive Pinterest leaves. Nah. It ain’t so.


This is more like it……


Thinly painted (even though it’s 6 coats) and dried out Kindergarden looking art work. Two leaves made me say some not very nice things so imagine what the entire branch would do to my sanity. It’s obvious you need some kind of specialty paint – maybe its just spray paint but I didn’t have any and I really thought tempera paints would do. Um nope. So back outside the branch with two red leaves went. Such an odd sight really. Brought back memories of being a Home Economics minor and never quite fitting in any of my Home Ec. classes. Oh, it’s so true. In sewing 101 I made a short sleeve blouse that was so tight up under my armpits  it cut the circulation off my arms. But I wore that thing – purple arms and all – because I made it. Never fit in. Just like these two red leaves.

So sometimes the decorating attempts don’t go over so well and other times they do with no apparent reason why.

Here’s the mantle – it still needs more greenery but I’m waiting to get some tree clippings when the neighbors are sleeping. Ha! Kidding. No, actually I’m not kidding.

Do you know notice anything different in the pictures below…like “which one of these things is not like the others?”


If you guessed the Mine Craft posers then you got it right.  Nothing like having a creeper pose as a wise man or Steve as a nutcracker. Our son doesn’t say a word. He just places his latest lego creation amongst the Christmas decor as if it has always belonged there. And I love this about him.


And for some Christmas drama and reason #10001 why we don’t do Elf on the Shelf:


It’s dangerous.

See the bike next to the elf? It’s made of metal and it fell and about knocked me out. Okay, not really but it hurt. That was the last ‘trick’ Elfano ever did. We have an off brand elf that’s missing a nose with a Hispanic name. “Elfano”. He wrote a note and signed it Elfano with the intent of having an Italian accent but instead it was read by the kids as El-fano with a Spanish twist and it has stuck. Trust me, it’s no problem-o. It’s just very typical of our family.  But ever since the elf induced injury he pretty much just sits on a shelf (ironic isn’t it) and gets moved like every 12 days. Lame but true.

Hope you are having a great start to the Christmas season!






Fleeing from Pinterest

Okay I realize this reflects more about me than it does Pinterest but sometimes I just gotta run away from it. As in fleeing frantically like Joseph did when he was being seduced by a married woman who thought he was a hottie. This is what I have to do when Pinterest breaths down my neck with party ideas. I already love to throw a FUN party and go over board on themes but then you throw Pinterest into the mix and it just gets even more whacked than it already was. Hello, my name is Melody and I’m in Pinterest recovery.

Ya know, at first the birthday party was just going to involve painting hot air balloons because the American Girl doll, Saige, loved art and there was a hot air balloon in the movie. But when I start looking at Pinterest I realize this isn’t good enough. The girls must have a real ride in a hot air balloon. And how boring to just go up and down with a tied off rope. We need to explore our town from above in full freedom and so we’ll need to find a licensed hot air balloonist to take the party crew. They will also need to eat perfectly cut out hot air balloon cookies while getting an ariel view of the town. And when they come back down to earth they most definitely should part with a goody bag of true artist supplies equipping them for art 101.

Of course just thinking about all that overwhelms me not to mention would deplete the budget for the next three months. So in the end I decide to close out of Pinterest and run up to Party City to purchase pin the tale on the donkey, grab chairs from church for musical chairs and shocker……have a good ole fashion birthday party with lots of fun in 2013!