Umbrella Prayers Leader’s Kit

The Umbrella Prayers Leader Guide is designed for you to lead an Umbrella Prayers event in your own home or in a large group setting. While I personally love leading Umbrella Prayers at various women’s events there’s nothing more satisfying than leading Umbrella Prayers in my own home. And even more satisfying than that is teaching others how to lead Umbrella Prayers in their own home. The place where we do life on a daily basis can also be a gathering place with other women centered around our God and prayer.
If you have a desire to lead an Umbrella Prayers event whether large or small I have everything you need in this digital leader’s training guide. The cost is $60 and includes one copy of the “Umbrella Prayers” workbook. Purchasing the leader’s kit also gives you access to purchase additional copies of the Umbrella Prayers workbook for $10 per book plus S/H. Umbrella Prayers Workbooks are not otherwise sold separately. They only come with a workshop or event.
As a leader of an Umbrella Prayers workshop you determine the cost of your workshop based on what  you decide to provide for the ladies attending your workshop. The book is $10 and if you provide umbrella’s, food, door prizes and decorations then you would build all that into your price per person. In the leader’s guide I talk about pricing, registration, and where to find the best deal on supplies. 
Your digital training guide includes the following on a thumb drive:
  • Training Guide: What is Umbrella Prayers, Biblical teaching outline to accompany your Umbrella Prayers event, Step by step how to create an Umbrella Prayer.
  • Hosting an Event – a practical guide including where to purchase supplies and options for simple registration.
  • Event Schedule Sample – a mock-up event schedule
  • Promotional Materials for Umbrella Prayers (bulletin insert, poster size, regular size – all digital copies of an original hand painted design for Umbrella Prayers. Built in space for you to include your own personal details.) 
  • One hard copy of the spiral bound, full color Umbrella Prayers Workbook

  • Access to more hard copies of the Umbrella Prayers Workbook at $10 per book plus S/H.
If you are interested in purchasing the digital Umbrella Prayers Leader’s Guide please email Melody at