Upcoming Ladies Events

Umbrella Prayers In-home Workshops – June 29th, 2017 

Umbrella Prayers In-home Workshops – June 13th & June 15th, 2017 

Umbrella Prayers – Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Girls Beach Weekend – Friday – Sunday, March 3-5th, 2017

“Melody was a new speaker for us at our 3rd Girls Beach Weekend retreat. Through video and phone conversations we quickly realized that God had a part in connecting us. We hired her to instruct us on bible illustration and she gave us so much more. She is a biblically based teacher, a creativity instructor, and a friend. Melody is confident, warm, friendly, and full of light. Melody is intuitive and tapped into what the Holy Spirit was asking her to share with our women. She delivered several powerful messages about God’s truth, promise and faithfulness. Women attending our event heard of God’s mercy and grace in Melody’s testimony. As an event planner, Melody was very easy to work with. She was an encourager, offered valuable insight, and committed to prayer for our planning committee and all of our attendees. Melody helped us deliver a very specific and unique vision for this year’s event. We look forward to partnering with her again.” Cary Heise, Planning Committee for Girls Beach Weekend